At Designer Smiles Dentistry, we understand that the comfort and safety of you and your family is a major concern when deciding on a dental office that is right for you.

At Designer Smiles Dentistry, we value your time. We guarantee you less than 10 minutes of waiting time.

All of our experienced staff are trained to assure you that we take this concern to heart and strive to deliver our care as sensitively, respectfully, and attentively as possible. Visit our Missouri City office today.

Experienced & Sensitive Staff

The team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and office administrators at Designer Smiles Dentistry is made up of individuals with long-term commitments to the dental profession. For example, front desk/insurance coordinator have 25 years or more experience. All five of our dental assistants have worked 10 or more years in the dental field. This cumulative experience and expertise enables us to competently answer your questions and provide you with the highest level of dental care.

Designer Smiles Dentistry staff and dentists skillfully manage the treatment of patients with varying levels of comfort in the dental environment. We pride ourselves on meeting each patient “where they are” and enabling them to receive the care they need and want. Some of our staff members have extra training in accommodating patients with special needs and are here to help. If you are a person with dental anxiety, please let us know up front so that we can better manage your fears.


The Wand® STA delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthesia that provides immediate, pain-free dental anesthesia for all injection types. It makes your injections easier! Patients will experience no pain or numbness, and the ergonomic handpiece is comfortable for the clinician and non-threatening to patients.

Radiology Imaging Safety

Radiation safety, for the sake of our patients and our clinical staff, is taken very seriously at Designer Smiles Dentistry. We assess each patient and their individual needs before recommending the appropriate imaging for that patient.

We have chosen digital imaging for all of our radiology technology because of its significant reduction in radiation per exposure. We use two different intraoral digital x-ray systems to allow for flexibility and comfort for our patients. Both systems use up to 65% less radiation than traditional film based x-rays.

Audio & Visual Entertainment

Our state-of–the-art dental facility is equipped with high definition television, and headphones in each operatory. Our audio-visual system provides a broad range of TV, movie and music choices for your relaxation and entertainment while in our care.

Nitrous Oxide & Prescriptive Sedatives (N2O)

Our goal is to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. Nitrous oxide gas is available in each treatment room. This safe and effective service is available at any treatment visit for a nominal charge. Mild relaxants may also be prescribed for patients if such medication is not otherwise contraindicated. Patients who are prescribed relaxants may not drive to and/or from their appointment, and therefore must make other transportation arrangements. Anyone is welcome to visit our state-of-the-art sterilization center, which is the hub of our patient protection program. Rest assured that we will always provide the safest patient care environment possible.


Our mutual safety as patients and healthcare providers is of utmost importance. Our dentists and staff undergo regular training to protect your health and safety while you are under our care. Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry meets or exceeds all protocols and guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Administration (WISHA).