Deadly and strangely silent in our society, Oral Cancer is growing at an alarming rate. It is growing at over 11% in 2007 in the United States alone.

The five-year mortality rate of Oral Cancer is higher than cervical cancer and prostate cancer, and kills one person every hour of every day.

  • Why are we not speaking about it?
  • Why are we not screening for it at every visit?
  • Why are we not detecting it earlier – when the cure rates are 80-90 percent?

Because the signs and symptoms of oral cancer are often missed by the naked eye. Our dentists at Designer Smiles Dentistry, use the state of the art technology, Identafi® to screen Oral cancer. Identafi® with its Identafi® technology allows those on the front line of detection to do just that – identify biochemical and morphological changes in cells of the mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils.

Regular oral cancer screenings is a good preventive measure for most adults.


Features & Benefits

  • Small, compact size, coupled with an angled examination mirror, allows users to easily reach hard-to-reach areas (e.g. under tongue, hard and soft palate and back of pharynx); more thorough examination.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Reasonable price of initial system purchase and that of disposables.
  • Provides real time results.
  • The combination of all three multi-spectral wavelengths provides the clinician with more visual information in increased confidence for recommending biopsies and reducing the need for follow-up biopsy.
  • Avoids need for messy, bad tasting dyes/solutions.
  • Expands practice offerings.
  • In-office training and marketing materials provided.
  • Enhances perception of practice as the “highest standard of care”.

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