Missouri City dental implants dentist, Silve Stephen, DDS, has been caring for the dental implant needs of her dental patients for several years. Her dental implant solutions offer simple, reliable, and long-lasting results for patients of any age who are missing teeth or experiencing the frustrations of loose, decayed, and broken teeth.

Dr. Stephen has extensive experience with the amazing All-on-Four dental implant procedure. Dental patients can leave her office with a new, natural-looking smile that feels like permanent teeth, works like permanent teeth, is cared for like permanent teeth, and may last even longer.

There is virtually no downtime. Patients can eat a light meal the same evening as their procedure, and face the world with a new-found confident smile the very next day.

Designer Smile Dentistry Dental Implant Center is committed to delivering quality care at every step of your procedure. You can trust Dr. Stephen to listen to your wishes and concerns and to provide you with attention to detail and concern for your comfort. Her background in both cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery provides a strong foundation that enhances medically safe and aesthetically beautiful results.

Your smile should lift you up, not bring you down. Whether you have difficulty eating, feel self-conscious about smiling, or deal with daily oral pain, Designer Smiles Dentistry implant solutions may be your answer. Contact Designer Smiles Dentistry Implant Center, Missouri City’s top rated local® dentist, to set up your dental implant consultation.

Learn About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the solution of choice for the treatment of one or more missing teeth and for those about to lose teeth due to decay or severe periodontal disease. By definition, a dental implant is an artificial, self-sustaining tooth-root that is inserted into the jawbone and acts as an anchor to support a replacement tooth or teeth. Dental implants have a success rate of over 95% and can often last a lifetime with proper dental hygiene and regularly scheduled dental visits. They keep adjacent teeth healthy and maintain the structure of your jawbone.

A dental implant is made up of three parts: a titanium base implant (replacing the tooth root) that joins with the jawbone, an abutment connected to the titanium implant which protrudes from the gum line, and a crown resembling a natural tooth which is placed onto the abutment, forming a natural-looking, artificial tooth.

Benefits of Implants over Other Cosmetic Procedures

Many adults face the problem of missing teeth. For years, dentures and bridges were the treatment of choice and patients had to come to terms with the often painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable results. Dental implants offer a more natural, comfortable, and long-term alternative that you should consider.

Problems with Dentures and Dental Bridges

Today bridges, full dentures, or partial dentures are all too common treatments for replacing teeth. However, each of these dental procedure options can cause problems for you.

Because bridges rely on healthy teeth for support, adjacent teeth often must be ground down. The adjacent, healthy teeth often later have problems of their own, creating new and costly dental work. Bridges also require a high-degree of maintenance, often having to be replaced within five years.

Although dentures are usually the least expensive dental treatment option for missing teeth, they can be uncomfortable, difficult to maintain, and can pose many problems for you. They are often uncomfortable and can fall out during eating or activities, causing embarrassment. Removable dentures can also cause sores in the mouth which can be painful. It is necessary to remove dentures at night for cleaning and to keep them in place with adhesives which can be a hassle. Because they are much less efficient than normal teeth, certain foods such as fruit and nuts must be avoided with dentures. Speaking is more difficult and less natural with dentures and, as a removable device, dentures can be easily misplaced.

Because neither bridges nor dentures stimulate bone growth, patients may experience extreme bone loss over time, giving them an older and less attractive appearance.