1. How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Fix a Chipped Tooth

    Chipped or Missing Teeth? When you live a rambunctious life, it can be easy to get an injury or two. Most injuries can result in a broken bone or a scratch. In those cases, a cast or a bandage can suffice. However, some, more serious injuries, can’t be covered up and forgotten. Such injuries, like a broken nose or a chipped tooth, are, unfortunately, public injuries and cannot be disguised. Eye Sore When it comes to a chipped tooth, there is not anything you can do but see a cosmetic dentist or leave the tooth as it is. The only issue with not treating your chipped tooth is that is can be co…Read More

  2. Help! I’m Missing A Tooth: All About Dental Implants

    Whether you have a scar story about getting your a tooth knocked out from stopping a hockey puck shot by Wayne Gretzky or you lost one due to an advanced stage of gum disease, having all your teeth intact — even if it’s with a dental implant — is crucial to your overall oral health! Why is it important to have all my teeth? Even if you’re missing a tooth towards the back of your mouth that’s not noticeable, having all your teeth is important for everyday functions. Not addressing a missing tooth may impact your ability to chew food and speak, or the space may begin to shift, which ca…Read More