Brushing is important to oral health and oral hygiene, but do you ever wonder just exactly how long you should be brushing for each day? We take a look at the best brushing times for getting the cleanest teeth in our latest post.

If you don’t brush for long enough, who’s to say you’re getting your teeth clean enough? Fact is if you’re not brushing for long enough (and not brushing right) your teeth may suffer. But just how long should you brush your teeth for? One minute? Two minutes? Five minutes?

We get to the bottom of things in this post:

How Long Should I Brush?

You’ve probably heard before that you should brush your teeth for about the length of a song. That’s pretty accurate. In fact, most dentists recommend brushing for between two and three minutes, splitting time equally between the top and bottom teeth.
But the fact is that most Americans don’t come anywhere close to hitting that two minute mark, which can potentially jeopardize the effectiveness of the brushing. So how can you be sure to hit brushing’s magic number? Here’s a look at some suggestions:

  • Set a timer.
  • Put a song on to brush to.
  • If using an electric toothbrush, set its self-timer (if it has one, that is).

While anywhere from two to three minutes is the suggested brushing time, you can never really brush for too long. The only thing to keep in mind when you are brushing, however, is not to do it too hard. That’s because using too much pressure can lead to tooth enamel erosion and damage to the gum tissue. This can lead to sensitive teeth.

Brushing 101: How Often to Brush

Now that you know that the recommended time to brush your teeth is between two and three minutes, there’s the matter of how often you should brush per day. So just how often should you brush your teeth each day? Most dentists recommend brushing at least twice per day (and flossing at least once per day) – once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. However, additional brushings may also be necessary throughout the day, particularly after consuming something that’s acidic or high in sugar, as you don’t want either of those to linger within the mouth for too long.
Additionally, the best way to brush is in short strokes, against the teeth and gums and around each tooth. Flossing should compliment brushing, as flossing is able to remove plaque buildup and food debris in between the teeth, areas that the toothbrush struggles to reach.

There’s no question that brushing is important when it comes to oral health and oral hygiene, but brushing right is just as important as brushing itself. That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t just practice proper brushing technique, but that you do it for the recommended two to three minutes each time.

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